About Me: Professional Photographer


Photograph of Cambridge UK based professional photographer Gordon Lyster


I'm Gordon Lyster, I’m a professional photographer who is based near Cambridge but who works all over the UK. I specialise in business related people photography and I spend most of my time doing headshots and photographing events such as conferences, exhibitions, parties and dinners.

I would describe my style of event photography as reportage or documentary, sharp and honest. My mission is to get a set of photographs that tell the story of whatever event I am assigned to cover.

Life in business and the media has taught me that a good set of photos are an essential element in communications and marketing. That might be internal communications, where we want to show employees and affiliates what went on at a product launch, AGM or annual staff conference. Or it might be external communications where we want to show potential delegates or sponsors just how lively and engaged the audience are at a conference or exhibition, so they’ll sign up to come again next time. 

The old adage that ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’ could have been written with online profile photos and headshots in mind. On an individual level, whatever business we are in, we all operate online these days, so it is super important to have the right kind of profile photos for professional websites like Linkedin and social networks like Twitter in order to portray the correct impression of ourselves. 

If you are organising an event and you’d like to have a really great set of photos showing everything that went on, or you need a good set of headshots of you and your team, please get in touch, I’d love to help yo